Friday, 3 September 2010

Crew vs. Actors

What is it that we think looks great on the films and how it was possibly made - no, it doesn't all have much to do with actors, but it really has much to do with are the crew!
Sometimes, I feel cheesed of because some of us people know some crew but that's basically the key people which are directors, producers and screenwriters - but what about the other people who were involved in the productions, they helped make a film possible. Usually when you see a film trailer or a movie poster out all the public and audiences are mostly interested are the actors in it or maybe directors because its always the actors who are the highlight. Why? Looks, good acting, the money, about MOST stuff!
I sometimes find it unfair for the crew because the actors and actresses are the most paid people and all the public know about him, and they say, Oh, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are in this film I'm going to watch it, or for the ladies: Leonardo DiCaprio is such a 'hottie', I must watch a film with him in it, and usually the boys would want to see a film with people like Megan Fox or Jennifer Aniston in it, of course I do like some of the actors like Leonardo or Cruise are good actors (I'm not keen on Aniston much), and its always like the actors get the most credit.
True to say, that the actors/actresses have one of the most important duties in a film, but I think the crew deserve more credit because I know some strikes happeneed including a writers strike some years ago, and I think the crew deserve recognition. Why, because the actors and actresses don't really make the film look good, the crew does: the screenwriters make the story and film look good, and the special effects team make the effects really good or the Art directors make the settings really good, why not credit them for once, although usually I'm not always interested in the actors, and usually more interested at how the crew made this and its just amazing - I would like to work in the film business, not an acting career, a crew person.
Sometimes, the crew and workers are paid peanuts for their really hard work and the actors who are sometimes just terrible at their jobs and yet they get the most paid. I usually notice that some actors and actresses are very unenthusiastic at their jobs and probably only do it for the money, yeah they mostly care about the money and profits for the film.
So - the crew need more deserving for their very hard work like a good salary, although like me - I'm very interested in the animation business like mostly the crew and the animators team, and I find them more interesting than the voice actors. Like, animators like Ward Kimball or Woolie Reitherman are two animators that interest me!
Oh - look at the book: 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die - yes its a series of other products like (1001 Music Albums, 1001 Books, 1001 Paintings, etc.) and its a very interesting book about some of the great films in there and they review its style, story and including many stuff - its released every year with a new edition and you can order it!

Here's the latest edition of the 1001 Movies series - and yes Avatar is in it obviously, although don't try and buy an edition every year because it could be wasting money when they only add about 5 or 6 films in there and take off some of the films in there, and I only have two editions of the 1001 Movies.

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Eric Noble said...

I do think that the crew should be thanked more for their hard work. It's sad to see such overrated actors/actresses getting the spotlight.

If you want a good book on how Hollywood works, check out The Hollywood Economist by Edward Jay Epstein. Mark Mayerson mentioned it on his blog. It's a good read, but it made me depressed, as you have read.