Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Play What We Wrote (V) Reviews

These are the last remaining pages of the play...
Yes, we have completed the jokes, but its not all finished yet, but this is the last entry of my play, and I hope this bring you in spirits! Now, this section is called the Reviews section, and we start off with Negative Reviews and these are the people who didn't like my play and have no sense of humour whatsoever, then we move on to the Mixed Reviews and finally onto the Positive Reviews, lets hope we will have so many positive reviews in this play!
Also, I have a three page document on The Making of The Play What We Wrote and it will be clips of our upcoming DVD of The Play What We Wrote which will hit the shops and stores for £9.99 - in my dreams!!
However, sadly this is my last entry of the play and its been fun posting the pages and I'm glad to see that some of you people enjoyed it, and this is the only play I have in record that was performed and there was another play I written which had script completed and I was supposed to perform it at a fete - but it was never completed for many circumstances!
I hope you enjoy the final pages of this play...

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