Friday, 27 August 2010

The Play What We Wrote (III)


Sorry for my not posting new pages over the past few days because I was busy with my friend over at my house, and of course it led to the point where I didn't have time to scan the pages of my play, but now my friend has gone home and I had fun with him: went to town, showed him around some places, it was a fun time. But now as he is gone home (aw!), it means that I can continue with the pages with my play!
Oh, you may notice that in these pages, I've been making notes in them and I hope they won't be distracting while you are reading it through.
I'm glad to see some feedback from Brian Sibley, Michael Sporn and Eric Noble even though I did suggest them to have a look at my own production play...but anyone else?? I hope this play will go down in literature as a modern classic, and beating Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace =).

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