Monday, 23 August 2010

The Play What We Wrote (II)


Yes this entry, has got some of my lines with no captions like (STEVEN [THAT PEST]), well that's because while we were writing this, and as the play developed and developed; we were running out of ideas for captions so we left with just names. However, on the premiere of the play that me and Uncle Robert performed, we didn't even mention any of the captions because the play was just too long and about 10 minutes before we even began we were cutting out the captions to save time!
Also, this section of the play contains quite a lot of blonde jokes, so anyone who's blonde don't go too offended, after all its only a play!
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Brian Sibley said...

Some good gags! And, of course (as you and Uncle Robert intended), quite a few TERRIBLE ones! Well done!

Steven Hartley said...

Yeah Brian, I must admit that there are some grim jokes in there - but not all plays with jokes are great.

There were some jokes in there, which I found a bit not funny but my Uncle Robert did - and there were some jokes that Uncle Robert didn't find funny that I found funny.

Different types of humour we had. Oh, I haven't posted new ones over three days ago because I was busy with a friend at my house - which means I didn't get any time to scan the pages. But, I will scan more pages today!!