Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Play What We Wrote (I)

Hello I've completed my first series of Blabs on Dumbo, and I was planning to do a Blabs on Pinocchio, well...I was just about to plan this down right now until I found out my sister has a scanner and let me use permission to for me do some postings, and I've started to write a play some year ago and it was performed at January earlier this year with family and they loved it, it was me and my uncle who performed it and I was so proud of it!!
That play is bascially a stand up play and its got so many jokes and I hope I won't bore you throughout my postings of these series!! Yes, the play I'll be posting is the 23rd and FINAL draft of my script of The Play What We Wrote (the title is a spoof title to Ernie Wise's The Play What I Wrote), and this is an updated version, with all the jokes that we used and all the cuts and timing we used and that's the final version.
You'll see that in the front page, my name is credited as "Steven 'Ti' Hartley". Well, you'll find out why when the first page and the joke joke is published on this site.
Although I must warn you people who will be reading this that there are some jokes about Irish people, or Blonde jokes, etc. and I hope that I won't offend any of you people, because we just wrote this as part of entertainment and I hope that you all have a good sense of humour!! Plus...we have some Scottish jokes in there I believe and I'm half-Scottish and you people are not alone with offence, but hopefully there won't be any offence!
And in the starting page I just made up the name CHOPPY BOYZ PRODUCTIONS as a joke, and a pretend studio we wrote it and this play was just written in my uncle's house and "CHOPPY BOYZ" is actually the name of my uncle's dog who's called Chopper, but we nickname him Choppy Boys!
And the font cover of saying: PRODUCED BY: Steven Hartley and Chopper the Dog, I just put that down as silly and this play is meant to be silly-funny and I don't need to be getting questions! I'm very proud of this play I wrote. Here are the first few pages: there's much, much more to come.
Just a few hints for readers who don't get too confused while reading this: David Blunkett is a blind British politician, Dr. Findlater is my aunt who is a nurse, Moor House School is the school I currently attend, Crawley is the town I was born in and its one of the biggest divorce states in Britain, Peter Viggers is an MP in Britain who has pet ducks!
Enjoy the next days of this play! Yes, the pages may be slightly hard to read and its not all lined up but too bad... ;)
All thanks to the scanner; I can now post what I've always been keen to post!


Michael Sporn said...

Hilarious! It's pure Vaudeville. The kind of material that Bert Lahr would've loved performing. I look forward to the next installment.

Steven Hartley said...

Thanks Michael! I'm glad you enjoyed it and my next posting is today!!

Eric Noble said...

It is pure vaudeville. Reminds me of jokes the Muppets would have done on The Muppet Show. There are some good jokes in here.

Steven Hartley said...

Thank you very much, Eric. I really enjoy your comments! They're always a highlight!

Well, its always a pleasure to see anybody comment! I'm glad you liked my play, as much as I like your comic collection!!