Monday, 2 August 2010

Mermaid in the Golden Years (IMAGINE)

Now that my Blabs on Dumbo are now gone (Thank goodness), and now Mark Mayerson continues with his brilliant mosaics.
Today, I want to post something a bit more different, and its bascially about the Little Mermaid, and its no review that I'm doing or even much about blabs. BUT, let me begin: I remember reading comments on one of Mark Mayerson's 101 Dalmatians mosaics, and some person named Maurice thought of an idea of Beauty and the Beast being released as a 1952 Walt Disney film, with the same development, story and animation during the Michael Eisner years, and thought of clever ideas of who the Nine Old Men could have animated!
Before I read the comments the first time, I DID think about what the animators could have animated in the Little Mermaid if it was released in the early 1940's, and I've thought of what it could be! Well, let me get started!! Imagine that History had slightly changed, only if the Little Mermaid was a 1942 Walt Disney film and they had all the Nine Old Men animators and including some of the former top-animators, and it was the same version of John Musker and Ron Clements version, here's how I've laid it out!
For the Ariel animators: I'm guessing that the animators could be Marc Davis, Ollie Johnston, Les Clark and Fred Moore (doing the cute Ariel scenes), or maybe Eric Larson might fit in there (mainly the animators on animating Alice in the same name)
For Sebastian the Crab: My guess is that Woolie Reitherman could have done the animation on those characters and the people behind him could be Phil Duncan or Milt Neil?
For the fish Flounder: Flounder could be animated by Eric Larson and Don Lusk (who are both at animating fish creatures)

For King Trition: The animator on King Triton REALLY could be one of the tops: Bill Tytla, and I think Bill could have handled Triton GREAT! and the other animators could be Tytla's older assistant Bill Shull or maybe Les Novros (both two animators worked on Night on Bald Mountain in Fantasia along with Bill Tytla, but I don't know what both animators Shull and Novros did, probably Hans might post the draft before long).
For the Sea Witch: Ursula could be handled by two animators: Frank Thomas and Art Babbitt, and I don't know which other animators could have handled the character as well! But Ursula's eels could have been done by Cliff Nordberg.
For Prince Eric: Milt Kahl, of course, since Milt was always stuck with the prince stuff, and maybe Jack Campbell could have done a bit of the prince, since Campbell did Snow White and the Blue Fairy, and Prince Eric's dog (Max) could have been animated by Norm Ferguson. For the nit-witted seagull, Scuttle: Ward Kimball could have done Scuttle because of his zany funny drawings and really fun comedy, and another animator could fit into Scuttle and that person could be John Lounsbery.
For the old man Grimsby: I think that maybe a mixture of animators could have done that: Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Art Babbitt, John Lounsbery, etc.
Those are my estimates on who could have animated who, and if it all did really happen, well: The Little Mermaid had pop songs in there, and back in the 1940's they didn't have this type of music, and if Mermaid was released in that period, HISTORY could have changed and anything like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc. might have never existed! Who knows?


Michael Sporn said...

It's a nice game to play. I would be more entertained in seeing Tytla animate Ursula. He hadn't animated a villainess and I'd be curious to see if he could pull off a Stromboli with Ursula. King Titan is too small a role for so great an animator.

By the way, my site gets about 2500 hits a day, and only one or two comments. Don't worry, they're coming.

Steven Hartley said...

Thanks for your advice, Michael. Although, good point that my website should develop sooner or later.

Must take time for a Blog website to get recognition, I shall await for more comments in the future!

Eric Noble said...

I love playing these games. I wonder who would have animated what if the classic Disney animators were allowed to do Don Quixote or if Alice in Wonderland was done in the late 30s or early 40s.

Ward Kimball would have done a great job with Scuttle. He would have done some hilarious animation.

Having Tytla animated King Triton would be an interesting choice. being the method animator he was, he could have brought out a lot of character in him.

BTW, I have Aspergers Syndrome too. It's nice to talk to someone who knows what it's like to have it.

Steven Hartley said...

Yes, the reason why I chose Bill Tytla to animate King Triton, because there are some scenes with strong emotions of King Triton, and powerful angry scenes, and I thought, 'Tytla must be the job for this!'

The actual supervising animator on King Triton was Andreas Deja, who animated Gaston, Jafar, Scar, and many others!