Friday, 20 August 2010

It's That Time of Year Again!!!

Well we all know that its August, and for Britain we're reaching that time of year, again! Yep, tommorow on Saturday at 7.00pm The X Factor starts for a new series, and I'm really not looking forward to watching this crapola.
Why? Because I really don't like the X Factor, and I'm telling you why...and I think I have a reasonable criticism on it!!
The X Factor (as you know) is a British reality-show that airs Every Saturday on ITV throughout August and ends in December, and the main judges are: Simon Cowell, Louie Walsh, Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Sharon Osbourne (who left some time ago), and its a competition for singing, and every year who ever wins X Factor gets some £1,000,000 recording contract and they hardly get any fame afterwards!!
Every year and series its ALWAYS the same, and when their's a preview of it on the TV they say: It's gonna be bigger, and BETTER this year! But...every year, its completely the SAME!! Same old people, same old criticism, same old face, same old show, SAME OLD EVERYTHING!! Its just that there's hardly any difference in the show's difference except for a new judges in the show and that's it!!
One of the major show's problems is Simon Cowell, I don't like him at all (and to people in America who are familiar with American Idol, yes we know he's in it). To be honest with you, I think he's a big mouth, and he's so cold-hearted and always leaves the contestants in the auditions bawling or bursting into tears, I often feel sorry for the people in auditions, even though its not their fault that they can't sing!! Another thing...the judges always seem to judge
contestants by LOOKS!! How does that work, I mean who knows?? A contestant we all should know named Susan Boyle who wasn't nice-looking, but she had a wonderful singing voice, and she proved the judges wrong!! BIG TIME! Although I've used this saying before, You can't judge the book by its cover, well that's what the judges on the X Factor do all the time! For gosh sake's this is not a beauty contest!
One of the lame excuses on the show's is the contestant's emotion, and some of them tell sad-stories like father died or their wife was killed, I do feel sorry for them and I understand how its an emotional time for them, but when it comes to something like Oh, my gerbil named George had to be put down is a very lame excuse! On a spoof on contestant shows in Britain called Peter Kay's Britain's Got the Pop Factor they take the mickey out of sad stories and anyone with a sad story in the stages like Boot Camp get through, and to tell you in the real show, its quite true! Peter Kay's spoof on The X Factor, is brilliant and its hilarious and when I watched it I realised that the X Factor was a load of rubbish and that's my influence on Peter Kay's show!
Although I must admit that on The X Factor, the auditions in the show are actually quite entertaining and its one of the fewest sparkles of the show I think, because I like it when there was applicants on the auditions who go on stage and deliberately humiliate themselves in front of the judges, and I think they do that just to prove that the judges' are idiots, although there's only one judge in the show that I like and that's a young lady as we know who is Cheryl Tweedy, I like her because she's not as harsh as the other judges, and she's very pretty!
The press and the public, and they always say...It's a Very Important Part of the Year!! Answer: No, its not important part of the year and why? Its just a reality show for entertainment, and the press and contestants always take it seriously and say that This year's final will be as IMPORTANT as Man walking on moon or The Beatles' breakup. Yeah...right, I come across useless stuff everyday and that's probably one of the MOST ridiculous things I've ever seen!! The whole thing is not important, the contestants are not important and they're only famous in auditions for like 5 minutes of their lives and for the final contestants they're only famous for a few months and after the series final, we never hear from them again!! Probably one of the fewest successful contestants are JLS and Leona Lewis, and I must admit I do like their songs and singing!!
Well, that's all for my criticism and because I don't like it...I don't have to watch it!! Simple as that!
I have one more thing to say, I remember some time ago when I was posting the Blabs on Dumbo series, and I was shocked by lacks of comments, and now I'm getting more support on the website and more compliments! Thanks to Eric Noble and Michael Sporn for your comments, they really are a delight to get! I'd like to thank Eric Noble for commenting on most of my posts and Michael Sporn who once commented on my posts and said "the comments will be coming", and he's right!! They're coming!!

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