Wednesday, 4 August 2010


As I've enjoyed writing my post on the Little Mermaid, and I recieved a good comment by Michael Sporn, I think I'll post more stuff and to tell you, sometimes when I'm about to write an article, I don't know what to post about, and I think I'm going to use my memorandum for the next posts! Writing the article on the Little Mermaid is currently my 2nd favourite post, and the 1st being Pinocchio Casting!
I'm enjoying the holidays and I'm currently at a lovely hotel in Barbados for two weeks, and I'll be back home in England on August 17th, and at the moment, I'm on hiatus on posting for two weeks and so I'm going to enjoy my holidays, and hopefully in my spare time I'll post during the two weeks, IF I have time!
Steven Hartley

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