Friday, 13 August 2010

Forgotton Looney Tunes Star

Its funny how sometimes a series with famous and memorable characters and the first seems to be forgotton - well, thats because it was the first time, so it makes sense that it won't neseccary the best (although sometimes it can be the best), and I'm going to look at Looney Tunes' most first ever star and some of the early Looney Tunes stuff.
Who doesn't like Looney Tunes? Sure, they're smart and funny, the characters have great personality and most of the characters are so memorable, however when I first saw the Looney Tunes, I saw they're sister series, Merrie Melodies, and I thought, Why are there two series with the same characters? Well we are going to come across that!
It all started in Summer 1929, and Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising left Disney some years ago, and they were working on a pilot about Bosko called: Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid, and that short was completed and Leon Schlesinger who distributed their shorts at the time, he was pleased at the time so Harman and Ising started to make the Looney Tunes. Harman and Ising are surely animation gods because they animated the first Walt Disney shorts, created Looney Tunes and directed the first MGM cartoon shorts and Rudolf Ising created Tom and Jerry in the first place.

(That's Bosko - the first ever Looney Tunes star who seems to have been forgotton)
The first ever Looney Tunes star was named Bosko, and I'm not sure what he actually is supposed to be: is he supposed to be an ape or chimp, or a black sterotype? I dunno!
So the first Looney Tunes ever cartoon short was Sinkin' in the Bathtub, and its available on YouTube here! Its quite a good start to Looney Tunes, although its freaky when the bathtub comes to life and hopping!! Bosko seemed to have a girlfriend named Honey.
Bosko seemed to have been a success and in 1931, a sister series was created named Merrie Melodies, and they made that for the one-shot cartoons and the first stars were Foxy and Roxy and they didn't seem to be popular, and they were booted out after appearing in three shorts, and then Merrie Melodies had anonymous characters through the Harman-Ising years, and that's why they created Merrie Melodies, with the tunes and songs that the characters sing!!
Back then, the Looney Tunes characters were very corny and very humerous, and ofcourse we remember the famous characters that had dry humour and some slapstick stuff, and back in the 1930's, it was a period with a lot of slapstick!!
However, there is a controversial in Bosko's final short on Looney Tunes called 'Bosko's Picture Show', and Bosko used the line when a mug stoled his girlfriend, and Bosko shouted 'that dirty fuck!', its very suprising to see a cartoon character actually swear on children's cartoons, and I saw a small docuentary on Jerry Beck suprised to see Bosko using the word!!

(Bosko: "That dirty fuck!")
In 1933, Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising left Warner Bros. after a budget dispute with the man: Leon Schlesinger, so they took the rights of Bosko, and formed a new series in MGM with more Bosko cartoons, called Happy Haromies. Leon Schlesinger still had 'LT' and 'MM', and produced more cartoons and got the Merrie Melodies in colour!!
Its interesting, Bosko was the first of the Looney Tunes characters, and now we all seem to have forgotton about him: as the characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd came along; and that's probably why they forgotton about him because so many popular cartoon characters came along!! More Looney Tunes stuff sooner or later...
[[Addition]] My bad for the bad-language in this site, but I'll censor it in future if I can, is my own site!! But, I should still not use this type of language so next time It'll be censored!!


Eric Noble said...

I've seen that clip, and the voice is so muffled, I don't know if he's saying "fuck" or "thug". I like to think he's saying "fuck". I love pre-Hays Code movies!! So very naughty!!

Steven Hartley said...

Yeah, cartoons were crude back then and they could do anything - the people who made this should have thought twice before writing that line.

Back then it was impossible get away with bad language (even in adult films), and even in cartoons its still not appropriate.

As one of the Simpsons characters said "think of the children!"