Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Drawing Lazy!

What interests me is how artists' style of drawings!! Some are lazy, some are fully-deatailed, and most of artist's styles are unique!
The other day, while I was speaking to a friend at home about my drawings, that friend told me that I should get a style of my own, and I do have that style, and that's zany, strecthy cartoon drawings, I secretly have a style of my own drawings, which are simaliar to Seth MacFarlane's drawings!
I too, like Seth MacFarlane's hit Family Guy, and I think the drawings are ok and well-cleaned up, but I don't think great animation is a BIG deal to Seth MacFarlane, I think that the staff concentrate on some funny jokes and cleaning up backgrounds!! Because Family Guy is a bit more decorative than the other animated sitcoms, the backgrounds are well detailed and the characters are movable, and what's great about Family Guy is that they can do any crazy stuff they want to do!! I'm sort of suprised because, Family Guy is such a harsh programme and yet they usually get away from the censors and the public like they come up with some racist and harsh stuff which they are often let off!! Probably why they are let off is because it proves that the families are idiots!! Apart from that, the animation in the series is fine!

Another style of drawings which used to put me off, was the first ever episodes of The Simpsons, I just thought the characters were not funny, and the animation was TOO cartoonie, Homer was too mean, and they certainly had no appeal back them whatsoever.
What I disliked mostly was the animation: its just that its so 'cartoonish', and lazy, because Matt Groening had just done their 1-minute cartoon shorts on the Tracey Ulman Show, and they were so badly animated, but Fox at the time accepted that, and that's what made them popular!
By the time the first episode was written for the new 30 minute series, I believed that when the original episode was all animated, coloured, cleaned-up, etc. when they showed a screening, I believe that producers described the animation as 'shit!' They were trying to get a great load of confidence, and believable characters, and they had to scrap the animation and start from scratch!

(See how the animators exaggerated Marge Simpson in the earlier episodes)
But, as the years went on, The Simpsons was funny and when I watched episode-to-episode, I thought the characters were funny and appealing and the jokes were clever, like when Moe the bartender picks up the phone and bellowed, 'HUGE JASS, HERE!! = Huge Ass! LOL, and Moe is humialated by the prank and threatens the person on the phone!!
Another crude illustrations with a very unique which I appreaciate today, and that is illustrator Quentin Blake, now Quentin Blake was mostly famous for his illustrations used in the Roald Dahl children's novels, which you all must be familiar with!! Why he illustrated the BFG, the Giant Peach, etc.
He didn't just do Roald Dahl illustrations, but his drawings are merchandised all over the world (coffee mugs, cards, books, plates, etc.), however when I first saw his illustrations, I actually thought his drawings was a mess and I thought, 'God I could even draw better than that!', and then as I got older and even today, I think Quentin Blake's unique style of drawing is marvellous and interesting and we would all remember his drawings, he's just one of those artists who you'd see his illustration and quickly recognise the drawings and name that person straight away, like Picasso!!
However (In my point of view), Quentin Blake's drawings are lazy and scribbled, but memorable and interesting!!
However, most of you artists fans would like those drawings, and think they have an interesting style, I do like artist's styles' I like Ronald Searle's drawings, the Beano and Dandy illustrations, and I especially love Disney animations, that's bascially my style of drawing, drawing Disney characters, and actually, the Beano comics inspired me to become an artist when I'm older!!

To tell you the truth, some of the artists' styles I've seen are meant to be acclaimed, and to be honest with you -- I'm not a fan of the Mona Lisa. Sorry, just don't see the point of it!! Of course Leonardo Da Vinci was a clever inventor who drew the first planes, and when I see the Mona Lisa, I just think "What's so great about it?? Its just a painting!" I just don't see what's great about it, and I can't imagine that it took Leonardo such a long time to paint it!! Although I probably can't do the Mona Lisa exactly, but somebody told me that when you walk past the painting in an art gallery, you think the Mona Lisa would actually be looking at you!! Is that why?? I might be wrong!
I do remain a fan of Family Guy, The Simpsons, Roald Dahl, and to tell you -- I'm not a fan of an author called Jeff Kinney, not his series of books called Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, they are probably some of the laziest stuff ever!! The characters have so little detailed in them, and they are like shapes, and the main character is an egg-head!! I just find them ridiculous and corny, but it can be addicting once you are reading it, because its SO easy to follow, and I finished one of the books in two hours!!
They are just easy to follow those books, and what I heard about the author, Jeff Kinney - apparrently it took him a long time to develop this scrawny undetailed character, and I heard something that they make a movie about it, and I don't think it'll do too sucessful, and its just not really a strong story, or appealling characters, and it just doesn't entertain me at all, and I think its good for reluctant readers, but I think its just really unfunny!
Luckily we are all entitled to our own opinions!!


Eric Noble said...

I'm sorry, but I am not a fan of Family Guy. To me, it hasn't been funny since its original run. I do like the animation in the earlier episodes of The Simpsons. The animation to me was livelier and the characters bursted with personality. Other great artists who seem to just scribble, but are much better than that, are Jules Feiffer and Shel Silverstein.

Steven Hartley said...

Eric, we all have opinions, and I'm not against it!! However, my opnions are quite opposite, because I actually prefer the new Family Guy episodes, and I've never really been a fan of the older ones, but the newer ones are more crude, and that's probably why I like it.

However, you're right; the animation of the early Simpsons are lively and personality, but there was an early Simpsons' episode where Homer realises that the family are slobs (scoffing dinner like pigs, slouching by TV), and Homer tries to turn that around, and now...that's nothing like Homer because he does scoff his food, sleep in his job and watch TV and drink beer, and I prefer that Homer, because he's an idiot, and that's what makes me think he's funny.

I didn't like the early Simpsons' episodes with Homer in it, I thought he was too cruel and always angry!!

Michael Sporn said...

". . .Quentin Blake's drawings are lazy and scribbled, but memorable and interesting!!"

I can assure you that Quentin Blake is not lazy. He's a brilliant artist.

I did an animated half-hour in his style, "The Story of the Dancing Frog". It was a very hard style to replicate in animation and I knew I had to please him in the end.

He waw quite happy with the artwork, ultimately, but he didn't like a short song sequence we added. And I understood why.

It was tough animation, yet a film I'm quite proud of.

Steven Hartley said...

I don't hate or dislike his drawings, I think they're very interesting and good enough for a style, but when I look at it, I just THINK it looks a mess, but that's the way he draws and I see no harm in it.

Hasn't "Story of the Dancing Frog" got that bullfrog song that Paul McCartney??

Eric Noble said...

Hasn't "Story of the Dancing Frog" got that bullfrog song that Paul McCartney??

No, that was from "Rupert and the Frog Song", another animated special made in England. I think Oscar Grillo may have worked on that, but don't quote me on that.

Steven Hartley said...

Yeah I thought it was that song, but I'm mistaken - because I remember watching this Peter Kay and it was a spoof on a singing competition we have in Britain called 'The X Factor', and it showed a constestant playing the flute and the bullfrogs go into chorus!! Its such a laugh!