Friday, 2 July 2010

Pinocchio Casting (Advertisement from 1940) (II)

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Its that time of week again, and I'm glad I've got a new comment from an 'Anonymous' person, at least!
However, at the moment I see that Hans Perk is over the moon that Holland are through the semi-finals and they beat Brasil, and back at England, our victory is gone since Germany defeated us 4-1, however at school, we have a FIFA World Cup 2010 chart and we all have a country, and at the moment, my country is Argentina and they are playing against Germany tomorrow, so I'm praying for Argentina.

Anyway, back to the Pinocchio post, before I get a bit off topic.

However, on the Cartoon Brew website, I've noticed that they've posted an 'ad trade' for the 1940 Walt Disney film, Pinocchio, and it was published in March 4, 1940, and it was posted on the website in May 12, 2009, and I'd like to post them again to explain and review the ad.
That's the first image of the ad trade and Walt Disney thanked his artists for their wonderful work on the film, and would like to have liked to have thanked them, and even thanked the others, too numerous to mention! However, Walt did sometimes want to make audiences believe that he did the films himself (his only name credited on early cartoon shorts), and then showed the world the long names of screen credits!

On the next few pages, we see the artists on the film with the team in columns, it starts off with PINOCCHIO: and then a paragraph down with ANIMATION: and they name the animators on the character, and then they credit the VOICE!

What's interesting is that there are some artists there that are credited in the ad trade, but never made it in the screen-credits:

Here, are the long lists of credits and ever notice the names of the uncredited people: David Hand, Harvey Toombs, Phil Duncan, Sam Cobean, Charles Payzant, Bruce Bushman, Art Heinemann, Arthur Riley, Dick Anthony (listed on draft on Jiminy Cricket scenes), Eric Hansen, Mique Nelson, Cornett Wood, Sandy Strother, Ugo D'Orsi, Ed Aardal, Bill Shull and Frank Grundeen! Quite a list!!

Why no Bill Peet in the story adaptation?

Anyway, I find it very interesting in the ad trade that the voice actors and models are credited and not in the screen-credits and also notice that if you look carefully at the draft, you'll see that Paul Busch animates Jiminy Cricket very small and careful.

However, Norm Ferguson is credited twice as 'SEQUENCE DIRECTOR' and 'ANIMATOR ON HONEST JOHN, GIDEON AND THE COACHMAN', and in the draft he is only credited for animated scenes of Honest John and Giddy and he is only done a few scenes.

However on the draft, we see Charles Payzant as Art Director, and I'm not sure if he was a layout man or Art worker, since he didn't find his name on the Dumbo draft, or THIS draft!

Ham Luske, seems to have done a bit in this film, he directed a lot of the sequences in this film (9 sequences), and his name appears to have been in some animated scenes (a few Figaro and Cleo scenes, could it be Don Lusk?)

However, Robert 'Bob' Martsch is mentioned as 'EFFECTS ANIMATOR' and his name isn't even mentioned on the draft, and I was trying to figure out if an effects animator replaced his work on the film. To that question, I do not know, and however we don't even see his name on the Snow White draft with very little effects scenes in Snow White actually credited, and since when was David Hand credited as 'PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR'?

However, I'm going to leave it here for now, and I'm going to hope Argentina to win the match tomorrow!


Eric Noble said...

It's very interesting to see who got credit in a Disney film, even when uncredited artists contributed far more to the final film. I wonder what was going through Walt's mind when he planned the credits, because Walt had to have had a hand in that.

Steven Hartley said...

Maybe there wasn't enough room for everyone in the credits and Walt probably agreed with the uncredited artists that they can have credits in the ad pages, and the ones with the most responsible work go in the film credits, I don't know!!

However, notice that Robert Martsch is the only animator in both the credits (ad and film) that isn't credited for any animation!!

Its true that Norm Ferguson animated scenes of Honest John and Gideon but he isn't credited for any sequences he directed! But, its told that he directed the sequences with Foulfellow and Gideon, probably he was sharing his sequences with director T. Hee who is credited for the HJ & Giddy scenes.

John V. said...

Wow! I never knew that things like this existed... until the closing credits of the "Silver Age" features, that is. I wonder how far into production this list was put together, because, with a few interesting exceptions (Vladimir Tytla on Monstro? David Hand?), it seems to match the draft pretty closely.

Notice Dick Anthony listed as a bakground artist... and no clue who the "Anthony" who animated on Jiminy was. But, I guess he could have switched to the background department shortly before this list was made up, and so they put his name in the wrong place.

Steven Hartley said...

Another name for "Anthony" in the draft could be Berkley Anthony - Ward Kimball's old assistant at that time!!