Friday, 16 July 2010

Movie Countdown

As I'm still continuing with my posts, and I'm going to be posting some of my favourite all-time films, and you probably know my favourite all-time already, as I mentioned that film in my review, so I'm just going to sit back and count down my favourite all-time films that I've ever seen! However, I'm not going to do too-long reviews, because I want to save some space.

So...I'm here to present Steven's Top 10 Favourite Movies!

10) There's Something About Mary
Funny, very funny crude jokes, good performances, and every single one of the casts deserve praise in this film because I think they all did brilliantly, I think its hard to tell who was the best actor in this film since they all did well in this film!

9) Jaws
Original score, good adaptation from Peter Benchley's novel (I have read the book), and one of Steven Spielberg's first successful films to make him powerful! Although special-effects may be a little cheesy today, but it was an achievement back in 1975.

8) E.T. the Extra Terrestrial
A lot of mixtures in this film: its charming, original, warm-hearted, funny and some sad parts in this film, its certainly 'must watch' to everyone who hasn't seen it, because its quite simply one of the greatest films of all time!

7) Valkyrie
Interesting film which tells you about the facts about the last of the 15 assassination attempts to kill Adolf Hitler. There may be some boring moments, but I'd tell you there are a lot of amazing stuff in this film. Recommended to historians and Tom Cruise fans.

6) Forrest Gump
Tom Hank's best performance I've ever seen, I really like the life of Forrest since everybody thought he was really stupid but Forrest proved them wrong since he could do so many talented things that no man could have done like Forrest Gump.

Memorable story, great acting, strong performances and one of Robert Zemeckis' bests!

5) Pinocchio
Thought you might have guessed that? I think its easily Walt Disney's greatest film. Why? because I think the story for this film is very good, and the voices are just the right matches, the music's brilliant and I think its a rather much more darker and stronger than Disney's predecessor, Snow White. The film has probably one of the best animation that's ever been put in the film, and everybody who worked in this film deserved rightful praise and its a shame the film wasn't a hit when its first release.

4) Airplane!
One of the funniest films that I've ever seen: funny jokes, funny dialogues, funny storyline, funny casts, funny writing, about everything in this film is FUNNY!! One of the first and greatest spoof films that I've seen and to tell you the truth, I actually like spoof or parody films, I just think they are clever and I would actually like to
see an entire Disney spoof.

By the time you reach the ending credits, you'll be disappointed!

3) From Russia with Love
I like a lot of the James Bond films, parcticually the Sean Connery films (TENNISH?? I don't have my racket! - Sean Connery), and however its the second of the James Bond films and the first being Dr. No, and the Bond films were based on Ian Fleming's novels (which I haven't read).

What I really like about the film is the song of the same title by Matt Monroe who has a beautiful voice, and I like the film's setting, the story and I like the villian in the film named Rosa Klebb and she has a sharp needle on her shoe and kicks people with them on the shin which must hurt!

2) The Graduate
This film really suits me and really got into me when I first saw it, and it was one of Dustin Hoffman's earliest movies and the film has got a funny anecdote, which I mean has a strange storyline and is rather much different than other films I've came across, but I like something different.

One of the film's highlights are the songs by Simon & Garfunkel and they are one of my favourite songs in there!

and the number 1 film is...Kes
That's right, I thought you'd guessed it, but that's not my problem, I really love that film because it has a very strong storyline and a very powerful ending with brilliant acting from a lot of the lesser known actors in this film, and I think its a film that deserved more recognition and anyone who is reading this right now and hasn't seen it...WATCH IT!

Well, that's my long list of favourite films completed and I hope you enjoyed sitting around reading this! Please comment...

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