Sunday, 18 July 2010

Finger Injury

The Blabs on Dumbo series will conclude next weekend with the crows, and and I'm hoping sooner I'll post a new series called Blabs on Pinocchio.
However, today while I was cycling on my bike, while on the way home I was justing turning round the corner and then I accidentally crashed into another cycler and we both fell on the pavement, we were both fine but my seat was twisted and my fingers are injured and I think my nose was bruised, and I helped myself with plasters!
So, because of my injury I don't feel like posting my talk about the crows sequence in Dumbo.
[[Addition]]: Huh, strange enough; today at my school, I was doing a rounders tournament with my team, and I was the only member in my team with in injury and I was capable of playing, and we had three games, and I was the only member in my team to score a rounder in all three games!

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