Friday, 30 July 2010

Blabs on Dumbo (XIII)

Sequence 20.0 - "Big Town - Dumbo Triumphs"
The second to last sequence directed by Bill Roberts/John Elliotte and layouts by Ernie Nordli, and Les Clark animates both Timothy and Dumbo in this sequence, but mainly earlier on the sequence, and Clark draws Timothy rather differently, and he draws it rather similar to Woolie Reitherman's mouse in Elephants Gossip, and it just looks alike.
This sequence just shows another clowns show and this time the building is much higher and Dumbo has to jump off another building, but his main trick up his sleeve is too...FLY!
Les Clark animates Timothy Mouse pleading Dumbo to fly while he is falling down a high building, and the magic feather has slipped out of Dumbo's trunk. Grant Simmons and Ray Patterson animate the clowns, and its the only sequence which identifies Ray Patterson, while the others had just 'PATTERSON', so IT COULD HAVE BEEN, Ray Patterson animating the clowns the entire time and the elephants collapse after the Pyramid Act stunt went wrong.
[[Addition]]: Notice that when Dumbo flies loop to loop (upside down), wouldn't his hat fall off and Timothy Mouse would have fallen down as well as the hat!
Oh, Berny Wolf gets a shot at this sequence and he animates Dumbo flying up the Peanut Vender and loads his trunk with peanuts, and there are some scenes unnamed in this draft, and I'm guessing that Berny Wolf did some other Dumbo animation in this sequence. Walt Kelly animates the Ringmaster.
An animator that we hardly know about, Frank Grundeen animates some Dumbo close-ups of him flying around the circus, and we know that Frank did animation on the Dance of the Hours segment in Fantasia, and we've also seen that he did some of the fish creatures underwater in Pinocchio.
Sequence 23.0 - "Success Montage"
Nothing much to say about this final sequence...Directed by Ben Sharpsteen, assistant director was Dick Lyford, and layouts not named! And the final sequence on this draft only mentions Don Tobin, Paul Kossoff and John Reed all of whom are effects animators.
However, there's one scene of John Reed animating Mrs. Jumbo waving at Dumbo and the crows in the sky, and maybe John Reed did the rest of the animation, since there are names missing on this sequence!
Nothing special on this sequence...this sequence feels really rushed to me, probably because this sequence was delayed, and Ben was doing all the timing and trying to fix the rest of the stuff.
BUT, as the crows had waved goodbye at Dumbo...One of the crows say at the end, "Aww, we should've got his autograph, oh man I got his autograph--" and then I couldn't even make out what they are saying towards the end, and there's one problem I find about Dumbo...the voices in the film are hard to understand, only a few of the voices: sometimes I couldn't even make out what the Ringmaster was saying, or some of the clowns, and ESPECIALLY...the crows!!
But hey, at least the film was profitable, and it saved some money at the studio, and it freed the animators from animating careful drawings of either Snow White, Pinocchio or Bambi.
That's my talks of Dumbo finished, couldn't find any pictures to go with series: Dunno yet...hoping to do Pinocchio soon, even though I'm pretty much overdue, but Oh well! Sorry I didn't write my Part 2 on the crows...because I couldn't think of anything to say and plus I've got better stuff to do!! Hopefully I'll post it sometime!


Eric Noble said...

Thank you for taking the time to post about Dumbo. You did a wonderful job. Top-notch work. I should go back and re-watch Dumbo again. It would be well worth my time.

Steven Hartley said...

Yes, I'm enjoying your belated comments and my new series I'm posting on the play and I'm hoping to get support on my postings!!