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Blabs on Dumbo (XI)

How d'you do?

Well, to be honest with all of you all, I'm pretty suprised by a lack of comments while I'm reviewing the Dumbo draft, and is it because I'm boring you? Or is it because they're not as informative as Hans Perk's, Mark Mayerson's, Michael Barrier's or even Michael Sporn's postings!

Well, to tell you all, I try my best to keep my postings interesting and I try my very best to put pictures up to go with my series of postings, its not always that easy! But, I'm not giving up because I'm still counting on all of you, so I'll still continue my series on the Blabs on Dumbo.

Sequence 16.0. - "Clown Sequence"

As you know, so far that Bill Roberts and Al Zinnen are taking over the films and just like Wilfred Jackson and Terrell Stapp earlier on, and its bascially a continuation from the other clown sequence (Sequence 14.1. - "Clowns Celebrate"), the cowns are still in silhouette and this time the animation of the clowns is done by Art Babbitt.

However, I have read somewhere that Art Babbitt did animation of the clowns and I don't remember where? But, I was originally expecting to be continued with Berny Wolf doing the clowns, but I must be mistaken.
However, in the draft there are two clowns that are called Frank and Ollie, and could it be referring to two close-friend animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston? Anyway, I don't know, and this sequence is basically about the clowns developing a new clown performace and a higher building for Dumbo to jump in.
Bottle fallen into the tub of water by Josh Meador and Art Palmer.

Sequence 17 - "Hiccups and Cure"

This sequence is now taken by Norm Ferguson and Ken O'Connor since Roberts/Zinnen are now having a break, since Jackson/Stapp have already taken the exit door as well as Sam Armstrong has.

Animation mainly by two supervising animators John Lounsbery and Fred Moore, and Fred Moore does the best Timothy animation in this sequence, animating the scenes of Fred Moore and the bubbles, (can't find a picture to go with it!)

However, in Hoagan's Alley with Bill Peet's interview, Bill Peet claims that he had gone through the sequence with Timothy Mouse and the bubbles, because he says that Fred Moore couldn't draw a different mouse without looking like Mickey.

However, the pink elephants are animated by Howard Swift, and towards the end of the sequence, the scenes seemed to have been jumbled up with the effects credited as 'MUSIC ROOM', and some scenes not attributed at the final pages.

Harvey Toombs animates the last scene of this sequence with Timothy's line, 'You see what I see?'

Sequence 18 - "Pink Elephants"
Look out, look out! The elephants are on parade!

Directed by Norm Fergusoson and laid out by Ken O'Connor, and please check on Hans Perk's posting on this sequence here, and as you can see that the Pink Elephants draft has ONLY one page and the rest of the info is missing and that's a real shame, because there are only two animators so far and only that are Hicks Lokey and Howard Swift, but Swift had already done quite a bit of animation earlier, and Hicks Lokey probably did a bit more animation later on, and I'm guessing animators like Van Kaufman, Ray Patterson or (Warren, Don) Schloat might have had something to do in this sequence, but who knows?

I sure wish that there was more info because its one of my favourite sequences in the film, and of course I think that the whole situation is a bit silly since it goes a bit off the plot at some points, but I think it still works
in many ways.

However, I wonder if the rest of the sequence would appear in Mark Mayerson's mosaics, even though there is SO many parts of the sequence missing, but who knows? Does anyone here who owns the Pink Elephants draft have the rest of the info?

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Eric Noble said...

Ah, the Pink Elephants sequence!! One of the most surreal, beautiful sequences in animation. Fantastic post. I love it.