Sunday, 11 July 2010

Blabs on Dumbo (X)

Hello everyone, as today is a special today since Holland vs. Spain is playing for the FIFA World Cup Final tonight, I'm going to post four sequences today (double the amount I usually do)

Sequence 14 - "Fireman Save My Child"

Its the first sequence to be directed by Bill Roberts (and John Elliotte) and layouts by Ernie Nordli, and its one of my favourite sequences in this film! Why? because I think its very entertaining, well animated, and great gags in this small sequence, but I do feel sorry for poor Dumbo. :(

Both animators on the clowns are Grant Simmons and Ray Patterson, and both became partners afterwards and they both went on to work for MGM, and both went on to form the Grant-ray Lawrence Animation Studio (Grant-ray as in Grant Simmons and Ray Patterson's first name).

However, Simmons and Patterson do really good work on the clowns, and I think Ray Patterson does the most good work on the clowns, and Les Clark animates Dumbo.

However, I knew before that the animators were casted in this sequence because there is a Dailymotion video of this sequence here, but in this video: It only identifies that Ray Patterson animated the clowns and Les Clark animating Dumbo and probably didn't realise that Grant Simmons worked in this sequence.

A scene of the clown with a sausage by Ray Patterson.

However, I'm surprised that no effects animation is credited in this sequence, and I've guessed that Dan MacManus had a bit to do in this sequence, of the fire effects in this sequence, if you look at his later stuff, you'll recognise that the fire effects are simaliar to the Dumbo fire effects!

Oh, ever notice that animator on Jiminy Cricket, John Elliotte is credited with co-director Bill Roberts, and John Elliotte was an animator around that time and its interesting to see him sharing his sequences with Bill Roberts.

Sequence 14.1 - "Clowns Celebrate"

A small sequence directed (again) by Bill Roberts and John Elliotte and layouts by Al Zinnen, it makes sense that Bill Roberts and an Al Zinnen sequence (via Pinocchio).

However, the clowns are animated in silhouette and the clowns here are animated all by Berny Wolf, and (again) I knew that Berny Wolf animated this sequence, since Cartoon Brew did a dedication on Bernard Wolf (1911-2006) that Berny Wolf did this animation in silhouette, and I usually always thought that an effects artist would do silhouette people, but maybe Berny Wolf animated the clowns with their facial appearance and then got the Ink and Painters to shade in the clowns.

After all, Berny Wolf is credited on a few scenes in this film (7 scenes), and one scene with no silhouette and that's when Dumbo sniffs peanuts up his trunk from Peanut Vender, in the sequence, (Big Town - Dumbo Triumphs), and there are some unassigned scenes in this sequence, so maybe Berny did more scenes.

Sequence 14.2. - "Timothy and Dumbo Visit Mother in Jail"

The third sequence in a row with Bill Roberts and John Elliotte directing and layouts by Al Zinnen.
A rather emotional sequence, and we start off with some John Lounsbery scenes and Bill Tytla does Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo very well and its the first sequence with Fred Moore animating Fred Moore, however Fred's scenes are fairly recognisable, and its suprising that a lot of effects animators are in this small sequence: Art Palmer, Ed Aardal, Cornett Wood, George Rowley, Jim Escalante, Paul Kossoff, William Wilson, Jerome Brown and Miles Pike. Nine effects artists on a small sequence.

However, the sequence starts off with John Lounsbery and then Lounsbery steps and the stars Fred Moore and Bill Tytla take over the animation.

Sequence 15.0 - "Lullaby Sequence"

At the moment; Bill Roberts, John Elliotte and Al Zinnen are running a marathon of directing sequences, and Roberts seems to have directed much later sequences.

A rather emotional sequence and the animation of Bill Tytla is timeless and the song is pretty strong and well setup, and Timothy Mouse is animated by Fred Moore, and the animals animated by Bob Youngquist, Harvey Toombs, Ed Aardal and (John, Hazel?) Sewell.

(Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo animated by Bill Tytla)

Its clever, of how the elephants communicate with their trunks, like when Dumbo wipes his tears with his mum's trunk and he sits on her trunk and swings like a mother pushing a cradle.

However, according to Alberto's page, it says that on Eric Larson's page, he seems to have been credited for this sequence, and since he's not credited on any scenes in this film (he could well have animated the unassigned scenes, who knows?)

Inbetweener: DISNEY 1 June 33-July 33
Assistant Animator: DISNEY July 33-34 [Assistant to Ham Luske]
Animator: DISNEY 34-73 (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 37 [Forest Creatures], Donald Duck 39 [The Hockey Champ], Dumbo 41 [Lullaby sequence], Three Is a Family 44, The Three Caballeros 45 [Aracuan bird], Make Mine Music 46 [Sasha in Peter and the Wolf], Kids Is Kids 61, The Sword in the Stone 63, Mary Poppins 64, Rag a Bone and A Box of Junk 64, The Jungle Book 67, The Aristocats 70, Bedknobs and Broomsticks 71, Robin Hood 73)
Supervising Animator: DISNEY (Fantasia 40 [Centaurs and Centaurettes in Pastoral Symphony])
Directing Animator: DISNEY (Pinocchio 40 [Figaro], Bambi 42 [Friend Owl], Song of the South 46, Melody Time 48, Cinderella 50 [Cinderella], Alice in Wonderland 51 [Caterpillar], Peter Pan 52 [Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and Darling Children’s Flight], Lady and the Tramp 55 [Peg], 101 Dalmatians 61)
Sequence Director: DISNEY c56-58 (Sleeping Beauty 59)
Title Designer: DISNEY c76 (The Rescuers 77)
Animation Consultant: DISNEY c82-85 (The Black Cauldron 85, The Great Mouse Detective 86)

However, I thought he animated the animals sleeping in this sequence, and nope I don't see Eric Larson in this draft...BUT, what I do see is Bob Youngquist credited on this draft and on the Internet Movie Database credits, he is credited as an uncredited animator for Bambi, and maybe Larson was supervising the animals in this sequence, and they do look like Larson's animation to me, ever notice in the first sequence of the giraffe walking about of the bundle and almost trips is exactly like Bambi's walk (was it a reuse or an original drawing?), that could have prove that Eric Larson could have been involved in this production.


Eric Noble said...

Very interesting how Eric Larson receives screen credits on the lullaby sequence, when the draft doesn't mention him at all. Another interesting credit mystery.

Steven Hartley said...

Well, since there are so many scenes in the film missing in the draft and maybe Larson did those - or maybe he was just supervising the animation.

Also, another name in the uncredited Internet Movie Database is Retta Scott.