Friday, 9 July 2010

Blabs on Dumbo (VIII)

Two sequences today:

Sequence 10.0. - "Ringmaster's Idea for Pyramid Act"

Another sequence directed by Wilfred Jackson and laid out by Terrell Stapp, and so far, they have been in four sequences in a row with two other sequences earlier, they are running a marathon!

However, it starts off with the Ringmaster the janitor named Joe and they are in a tent discussing ideas for a pyramid of pachyderms! Silhouette animation by Walt Kelly who communicates the characters brilliantly, even though I'm not much of a Kelly fan!

However, Dumbo and Timothy Mouse are animated by Milt Neil, and its rather strange from two sequences earlier (Elephants Gossip), and Milt Neil animates Dumbo crying and then goes right to Timothy Mouse in the next sequence, I find that rather odd!

However, the first half of the sequence is credited to Kelly and Neil, and in the draft; the second half of the sequence is not credited to any of the animators because I really wanted to know who does those scenes, and its a rather disappointment! I'm guessing that Walt Kelly or Milt Neil did those scenes or maybe Woolie Reitherman had a bit to do with it!

Timothy under the bed sheets is drawn rather strangely (Look at Mark Mayerson's mosaics on this sequence), and Timothy is drawn a rather lot taller, and slimmer and he sort of looks a like Marvin the Martian (Looney Tunes character), and the Jawa people from Star Wars.

See what I mean?

Sequence 11 "Pyramid Act"

A sequence that's directed by Norm 'Fergie' Ferguson and layouts by Ken O'Connor, a change from Jackson and Stapp.

However, there are quite a lot of animation on this sequence: Howard Swift (Ringmaster), Hugh Fraser (Elephants forming pyramid), John Lounsbery (Dumbo and Timothy), Warren Schloat (Elephants collapsing), Either Ray or Don Patterson doing elephants, Ed Dunn, Van Kaufman and Basil Davidovich. Effects by Brad Case, Cornett Wood, Jim Escalante, Jack Gayek, Art Palmer and George Rowley.

There's a lot of wonderful animation in this big sequence, and Hugh Fraser and Warren Schloat do the film's best animation and Warren Schloat is a mystery animator who does a good job on animating the elephants collapsing, and Hugh Fraser does great job of the elephants making the pyramid. Its the first sequence with John Lounsbery credited for Timothy Mouse and Dumbo, and John does a marvellous job on animating Dumbo running up to the springboard and the elephant's ears into a knot loosens!

However, couldn't 'SCHLOAT' be Don Schloat because on the Internet Movie Database, Don Schloat is credited for the cartoon, Pluto's Playmate and a lot of the animators on this sequence also worked on this Pluto short, including Van Kaufman, Ed Dunn, Basil Davidovich, etc. So could that be Don Schloat instead of Warren Schloat, quite a confusion.

However, as there have been debates on both Mark Mayerson and Hans Perk's websites, on whenever or not who 'PATTERSON' is, of course, its understandable that it is confusing. But, this sequence was directed by Norm Ferguson and Fergie worked on the 'Dance of the Hours' segment in Fantasia, and Ray Patterson also worked on that segment animating the elephants in Fantasia, and I was going by sequence director, and John V. was reasonable in the comments of Mayerson on Animation, that Ray Patterson's animation appears in Bill Roberts' sequences in this film along with his long-time animation partner, Grant Simmons. Of course, John has a point, and its hard to identify.

However, on the Internet Movie Database credits for Playful Pluto, we do see some animators in this sequence on this cartoon short, and if look at it, you'll see that Don Patterson worked on the Pluto short, and he could well have done work on this sequence as well, who knows? We did see him animating Pinocchio and Gepetto in the raft in a Pinocchio sequence during the Whale Chase.

So I don't know, its also likely that Don Patterson could have worked on that sequence, since he had very little animation throughout the film. So, I'm going to assume that it will be Don Patterson.

However, effects animation are very good and I case the effects by Art Palmer when the tent collapses and everyone runs off and Brad Case does good jobs of the tents falling. However, Van Kaufman (an underrated animator) does a very good job with the elephants falling after they hit Dumbo with a ball!


Anonymous said...

Don and Warren Schloat were brothers -- and my Great Uncle and Grandfather, respectively -- who both had successful animating careers. Warren moved on to found an educational publishing company, but Don continued to animate throughout his long life. He continues to paint and create art even now, well into his 9th decade.

Steven Hartley said...

Thank you for your comment. However, since I can't identify if it was either Don or Warren animating the elephants in this sequence, both animators were great artists that deserve praise!

Eric Noble said...

I love this scene. I love the line, "Out of my way, ASSASSIN!!!" especially, and Dumbo waving his little flag in the end after the whole top comes down. Priceless.

Alan Tasedan said...

Dear Anonymous,
My name is Alan Tasedan and I have quite a few incredible paintings by Don (none tied to the massacre) with the exception of the original clay statue I'm guessing he used as relief for the bronzes in New Mexico, San Diego and Palawan. It is one of my favorite pieces...
I also received what appears to be a type written book of his experience their. I wanted to share this info with you to let you know that your Great Uncles history won't be forgotten and though I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, his spirit transcends in the art he left behind.

Elizabeth said...

So, Anonymous must be a relative of mine! Let me add that both Don and Warren were extremely talented. I miss them both.