Sunday, 4 July 2010

Blabs on Dumbo (VII)

Hello people,
On this occasion, I'll talk a bit about Dumbo, and this post it will be two sequences.

Sequence 07.0 - "Elephants Gossip"

A sequence with Wilfred Jackson and Terrell Stapp with very little effects animation in it, apart from the the first scenes of Mrs. Jumbo depressed by Bill Shull and Dan MacManus animates the effects of the bars in shadows, and its quite an emotional start and towards the end of the sequence, it gets a bit entertaining.

However, before I saw the draft, I thought that it was Bill Tytla animating Dumbo really sad and I didn't know who did the elephants! However, Bill Tytla does the acting scenes, and Milt Neil does a good job on animating little Dumbo, since he doesn't move a lot while he's crying, and its good for just an animator, since usually one of the prime animators would do these carefully drawings of people who don't move a lot.

AGAIN, Bill Tytla animates the elephants rather stragely, its just those smiles that puts me off, for some strange reason, I really don't know why! Timothy Mouse first comes up to the screen and is animated by Woolie Reitherman in this sequence, and I think he handled Tim wonderfully, appealing look, well drawn!!

However, as the Gossip elephants reject Dumbo and he walks away from them all lonely, and then Bill Shull takes over the elephants all frightened, and we continue Woolie Reitherman's mouse with some very entertaining scenes, and the scene where Tim turns around in a Napolean pose is rather a good caricature.

Sequence 09.0 - "Timothy Befriends Dumbo"

This sequence continues from Wilfred Jackson doing directing and Terrell Stapp doing layouts, and what's very strange is that Jaxon had directed a lot of sequences in the film (mainly early stuff), and none of his sequences contain any musical songs, apart from a Stork singing a brief 'Happy birthday' to Mrs. Jumbo's little pachyderm.

However, this sequence is basically got most of Woolie Reitherman's work in it, escept for the scenes of Dumbo in haystack by effects artist Jerome Brown, a scene of Dumbo by Bill Tytla, and two scenes of Tim by Milt Neil.

However, Woolie does also animate some Dumbo scenes and he does handle both characters very well, and what's strange is that all of Woolie's animation has appeared in Wilfred Jackson's sequences, and usually it appears in Bill Robert's stuff! I mean, look at the Pinocchio draft, you'll see that Most of Woolie's stuff is in Bill Robert's sequences, and in Fantasia's The Rite of Spring, and in that it was directed by Bill Roberts/Paul Satterfield and Woolie Reitherman did the dinosaur (terrible lizard) stuff!

However, there are some good stuff in this, and the scene of when Dumbo lifts his head from haystack and reveals some type of chinese hat is very funny!


Eric Noble said...

Very good. Woolie Reitherman did a marvelous job animating Timothy. Bill Tytla I think did some of his best work with the elephants. The studio was just full of magnificent, talented artists.

Steven Hartley said...

Yeah this isn't one of my favourite Bill Tytla animation in the film, probably one of my favourite Tytla animation is the dwarves' washing up in the tub - very entertaining sequence in Snow White!!