Saturday, 10 July 2010

Blabs on Dumbo (IX)

I'll do more Blabs on Dumbo postings!

Sequence 11.3. - "Sad Casey"

A very small sequence directed by Sam Armstrong and layout by Dick Kelsey, and only one scene in this sequence of Casey Junior in the rain animated by Don Tobin, rather dark and well set-up, and its not really much of a sequence with just one scene in a sequence, I think it could have gone with the sequence I'll explain soon, Gossips Disown Dumbo.

However, I think that truth to say that Sam Armstrong was just directing a few sequence, since he was working on Bambi around that period, BUT don't forget that Bill Roberts did a lot of sequences in this film, and yet worked on Bambi.

However, I think that Sam Armstrong was directing the Casey Junior scenes and it was good for him to fill in some of the Dumbo stuff, and Sam Armstrong was probably just helping out for the film.

Sequence 12.0. - "Gossips Disown Dumbo"

This is the seventh (and last) sequence to be directed by Wilfred Jackson and layouts by Terrell Stapp.
However, it seems that the Gossip elephants are all injured after their big fall and collapse from the circus, and they all start to give poor Dumbo the blame until he got fixed good and became a clown!! Poor Dumbo, it wasn't his fault he damaged the circus tents, almost killed the elephants, and ruined the Ringmaster's idea. Blame his gigantic ears for goodness sake, they are the ones that started his life a misery, the ears got him teased and his mother into prison, and it got the pyramid destroyed! BUT, later his ears actually come in handy!!

All animation by Bill Tytla.

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Eric Noble said...

I love the gossips scene. A true powerhouse of personality animation from Bill Tytla. he gave them each an individual personality. Terrific post.