Saturday, 26 June 2010

Pinocchio Casting!

Hey everybody,
Today I'll be doing something apart from Dumbo, like I've done on Blabs on Dumbo (II), I've spent hours of counting the animators names and counting how many scenes an animator in the film did on Mark Mayerson's mosaics and Hans Perk's Pinocchio draft.

Pinocchio, I think, is one of Walt Disney's greatest films, as well as one of the best films of all time! I own a book called 1001 Films You Must See Before You Die! and Pinocchio is listed as one of them. One of the reasons why I love Pinocchio is because I love the fact of how Walt Disney got rid of all those cute cartoonie drawings of the Seven Dwarfs, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Pluto, and produced a lot of excellent animation and art direction. However, it seems that so many people worked on the film, since so, so many animators worked on the film! However, Bill Peet said in his words that "...Walt thought that if they had ten times as many people, they'd do it ten times as fast!"
However on the screen credits, here are the number of scenes animated by an animator:
  • Fred Moore - 40 scenes (Lampwick, Gepetto)
  • Bill Tytla - 55 scenes (Stromboli, Gepetto)
  • Milt Kahl - 71 scenes (Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket)
  • Frank Thomas - 61 scenes (Pinocchio, Pinocchio as puppet)
  • Ward Kimball - 47 scenes (Jiminy Cricket)
  • Art Babbitt - 73 scenes (Gepetto)
  • Eric Larson - 58 scenes (Figaro and Cleo, Donkeys, Marionettes)
  • Woolie Reitherman - 93 scenes (Monstro the Whale, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio)
  • Jack Campbell - 32 scenes (Blue Fairy, Marionettes)
  • Ollie Johnson - 69 scenes (Pinocchio)
  • Berny Wolf - 40 scenes (Jiminy Cricket)
  • Don Towsley - 50 scenes (Jiminy Cricket)
  • Don Lusk - 41 scenes (Figaro and Cleo, Pesky Boys, Fish Creatures)
  • John Lounsbery - 14 scenes (Honest John and Gideon)
  • Norman Tate - 20 scenes (Honest John and Gideon)
  • Jack Bradbury - 21 scenes (Figaro, Donkeys)
  • Charles Nichols - 25 scenes (Honest John and Gideon, Coachman)
  • Don Patterson - 34 scenes (Juke Boxes, Clocks)
  • Preston Blair - 6 scenes (Honest John and Gideon)
  • Les Clark - 44 scenes (Pinocchio)
  • Marvin Woodward - 21 scenes (Pinocchio)
  • Hugh Fraser - 11 scenes (Honest John and Gideon)
  • John Elliotte - 41 scenes (Jiminy Cricket)
  • Just to name a few uncredited animators:
  • Walt Kelly - 12 scenes (Gepetto)
  • Murray McClennan - 12 scenes (Figaro)
  • Paul Busch - 19 scenes (Jiminy Cricket [small size])
  • Harvey Toombs - 23 scenes (Pinocchio)
  • Bill Shull - 26 scenes (Gepetto, Juke Boxes)
  • Frank Grundeen - 9 scenes (Fish creatures)
  • Milt Neil - 12 scenes (Pinocchio)
  • Art Palmer - 45 scenes
  • Josh Meador - 65 scenes
  • Don Tobin - 54 scenes
  • George Rowley - 97 scenes
  • John McManus - 100 scenes (inc. Tuna, Seagulls)
    No Robert Martsch (not mentioned in draft)
A few undcredited effect animators to mention
  • Ed Aardal - 54 scenes
  • Cornett Wood - 54 scenes
  • Ugo D'Orsi - 44 scenes
  • Sandy Strother - 40 scenes
  • George De Beeson - 51 scenes
  • Andy Engman - 33 scenes
That's all for my animators' list! and it seems that John McManus did most of the animation than any of them, he is credited for a lot of the seagulls in the Monstro sequences, tuna fish, and some effect scenes! and it seems that Art Palmer's effects scenes appear much later in the film, since he hardly appears in the earlier stuff! A lot of effects animators are in this film (so much to mention), and it seems that is has one of the most effects animation in a Disney film!
[[Addition]] George De Beeson, a lesser-known effects artist that only a few of us heard about and his name appears in a lot of the early scenes of the picture (mainly shadows I guess), and then about after the sequence when Honest John and the Coachman are in the pub talking about selling kids to Pleasure Island, his name doesn't seem to appear afterwards!!
For the character animation: Woolie does the most work on the characters (94 SCENES!), and mostly later in the film, and he did a lot of Jiminy Cricket in the later sequences and does the scenes of Pinocchio and the Russian dancers, and Pinocchio trying to do the Russian dance, is very funny!
I love Ward Kimball's animation of the film: its juicy, appealing and really well-done! However, Woolie's Jiminy isn't as appealing, because Woolie draws Jiminy with a rather older-look and a round head which is more different than Kimball's drawings. However, Don Towsley's Jiminy is a bit like Woolie Reitherman's Cricket! Look at Mark Mayerson's mosaics of the film, you'll see that they don't quite match! Although, Woolie Reitherman's Cricket has got some of my favourite dialogue of the character.
However, Preston Blair does the least animation work (in the screen credits) and does animate a large scene of Honest John, Gideon and Pinoke strolling down the streets singing Hi Diddle De Dee!, which is quite a task to animate, going through those crooked streets and trees.
However, there are animators that animated far less than Blair (Michael Arens, Howard Swift, Les Novros, etc.), but Preston seemed to have a lot of effort onto the animation and at least deserved a screen-credit.
I'll try and put some more Pinocchio posts if I can fit it on schedule: More Dumbo blabs tomorrow!!


Eric Noble said...

Excellent post. I love Pinocchip too. It's one of my favorite films as well. I love the caricatured design style. Wonderful work you have here. I tip my my hat to you.

Steven Hartley said...

Eric, thank you for your comment. It took me a few hours to count up all the scenes of what each animator did.
Now, Pinocchio is one big film and so many animators worked on the film, and that's why did took me long time, that I might have outnumbered in a few of the names!

Joe Campana said...

I really enjoyed the raw data you've created with the breakdown of number of scenes done by each animator!

Also, I believe Shamus(Jimmy) Culhane did a few scenes with Honest John and Gideon that he wasn't credited for (and apparently was removed from the later drafts) since he left the studio around the same time.

Steven Hartley said...

Shamus Culhane's animation in the film was re-animated by his assistant Norman Tate, who was credited on the draft, and received screen-credit for this film.