Sunday, 27 June 2010

Blabs on Dumbo (VI)


I've decided that I will post some Dumbo stuff when I'm in the mood, because there's plenty of stuff I want to go through!!

Sequence 5 - Circus Parade

Directed by Norm Ferguson (Pluto animator) and the layout by Ken O'Connor.

A rather short sequence, and it isn't really one of my favourite sequences, and although it isn't really much funny to me, the only part I like is the Gorilla in the cage and accidentally rips off a bar from a cage, and it was animated by an animator I've never heard before once I saw the draft, Van Kaufman, who seemed to have worked for Fergie and O'Connor in other sequences.

However, there are some scenes that are unassigned and even the last scenes of Dumbo tripping into a pile of mud, but as a guess, I think that John Lounsbery could have done the Dumbo, since he has done most of the Dumbo animation in Norm Ferguson's sequences.

Sequence 06.0 - "Menagerie - Mrs. Jumbo Goes Berserk!"

Wilfred Jackson (director) and Terrell Stapp (layout)

What's interesting about this sequence is that it starts off all nice, soft, bubbly and calm music with BEAUTIFUL animation by Vladimir "Bill" Tytla, who animates Dumbo and her mummy, with the effects by Art Palmer, Sandy Strother and Cornett Wood (shadows by Wood and Strother).

However, as their playtime is over, trouble happens next, and then those pesky kids (Lampwick lookalike) is animated by Claude Smith (who has a very similar pattern to Fred Moore's style), and they all start teasing baby Dumbo because of his enormous ears, and one of those boys blows in Dumbo's ears, which turns Mrs. Jumbo berserk! Bill Shull takes over Mrs. Jumbo and animates her all angry and furious while the roustabouts are arresting her, and the Ringmaster tries to sort her out in a bad way.

Pogo artist, Walt Kelly, animates the Ringmaster, and he does wonderful animation. To be honest with you, Pogo is one of those comics I've overlooked, and they don't seem famous to be and doesn't appeal to me, I know the drawings are fine, but I've never became a fan of it and I had no interest in reading it, I know I can't judge the book by its cover!

However, the roustabouts who chain Mrs. Jumbo with ropes seemed to have been animated by Walt Kelly, Bill Shull and Jack Campbell, I find Campbell's animation in the film very strange because about all his animation in this film doesn't have a face, and it would be really nice to see more of his work in the film, like he could have animated the crowds in the Clown performance!

Bless Mrs. Jumbo, she was just doing what a mother can do!


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Steven Hartley said...

I appreciate your comment! However, I'm suprised by lacks of comment on my webpage!

Eric Noble said...

I liked that scene where Mrs. Jumbo was spanking the little boy who was antagonizing Dumbo. Animated spankings have never been more satisfying.

I too Like Walt Kelly's work on the Ringmaster. I'm a fan of his work on Pogo. The drawings are so beautiful to behold, and he has a fine skill for caricature.