Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Blabs on Dumbo (V)

Sequence 04.0. - "Roustabouts"
One of my favourite sequences in the picture! Sam Armstrong (director) and Dick Kelsey (layout), and it starts off with one of my favourite Casey Jr. scenes of him going though a mountain and says 'I think I can, I think I can!', I really like the animation of the first scene of the sequence, its staging, animation, setup, music! BRILLIANT!! Animation of Casey by Don Patterson, Don Tobin and Paul Kossoff. Love the Casey animation in silhouette.

One of my favourite pieces of animation in any animated features.
However, Dumbo is animated nicely by Bill Tytla, Hugh Fraser and Claude Smith along with elephants by an uncredited Ed Fourcher. Jack Campbell animates the roustabouts very-well, and they could really look like Jack's style since he worked on the human-character, Snow White, the Blue Fairy in Pinocchio, the Centaurs and Centaurettes in Fantasia, and the rest I'm not sure!

Jack Campbell animated those roustabouts preparing work for the circus tents, and I really like the sound of those poles making CLING noises! Although you never see their faces, they seem to be portrayed as black-people and it seems that the white roustabouts work during the day and the black roustabouts work at night, with help from the elephants!!
However I really like the music to it, and I've came across on Elmer Plummer's beautiful artwork in this film, and Michael Sporn has posted the beautiful artwork in those tents being built right here.
However, its interesting that so many effects animators worked on this film and yet not a lot of the rain effects are appeared in this sequence, apart from when the draft mention "SPECIAL EFFECTS". Effects are credited to Don Tobin, Paul Kossoff, Cornett Wood, Jerome Brown, John Reed, Ed Aardal, Sandy Strother, Josh Meador, George Rowley, Karl Van Leuven, Ugo D'Orsi, Russ Dyson, James Escalante, Miles Pike and Vern Witt!! I love looking at the last scene of the tent being pulled up! Additional animation by Ed Fourcher, Frank Grundeen, Steve Bosustow, Warren Schloat and Jerry Hatchcock (lasy lions!).
Artwork of tent being pulled up: Animation by George Rowley and Josh Meador, I wonder: Did Josh do the rain or the tent, or George did either?
However, one of my favourite sequences, and I think its a good idea to see how circus tents are made, one of the overlooked animation sequences!


Eric Noble said...

Jack campbell is one of the unsung great animators. He did some phenomenal animation of Snow White, giving to her a sense of grace and femininity that rivals Grim Natwick. I also love the Roustabouts scene. I love it's Expressionistic qualities, especially of the actual roustabouts. It's a powerful statement on the faceless cogs who work in the circus. Their design reminds me of the Russian posters of the 30s.

Steven Hartley said...

Jack Campbell is a BIG mystery man, and I e-mailed Joe Campana who knows a lot more about Disney artists than I do and I asked if there was any info on Jack Campbell and guess birth records, and we only had an estimated death record and he said his estimate death was May 1961.

I checked the California Death Registry, and nothing solid found!! He's probably one of the biggest mystery animators out there!