Sunday, 20 June 2010

Blabs on Dumbo (IV)


Sorry for no posting yesterday because I was at someone's house for the night and they had no internet connection, so I had to leave it, but I'm ok to talk about two sequences in Dumbo, both of them with Mr. Stork!

Sequence 03.1 - "Stork Catches Circus Train"

This is a short sequence, and I thought that this sequence and Sequence 03.2 would just be in one sequence altogether, but its just continues.

The draft in this short sequence mentions that all of the Stork was animated by Art Babbitt, and Art said that Mr. Stork was originally a caricature of Sterling Holloway (the voice: also did Winnie the Pooh, Chesire Cat, etc.), and Floyd Norman said that he really likes that voice of Sterling's, and I do too, even though its quite high and soft.

However, none of the effects animation are mentioned in this small sequence, and Hans Perk told me in a comment that he bet that Art Babbitt did all the animation (including inbetweens and effects) and had his assistant to clean them up, however I thought that Cy Young was doing some of the effects, like I thought he did the bundle about to fall off the cloud, since it looked a bit like Young's work since he did the bundle-parachutes in the very first sequence of the film.

Sequence 03.2 - Stork Delivers Dumbo - Dumbo Named
Yes, this sequence continues from the first sequence, and this time none of the scenes with Mr. Stork have Art Babbitt's name in the draft, and its pretty likely that he did the rest of the animation of the Stork, and apart from that, all of the elephants and Dumbo animated by Bill Tytla, but what I always thought was strange about Bill's animation of the elephants, was their mouth and their smiles, it just doesn't appeal me, even though it might appeal to others, look at the scene where the bossy elephant says to the stork: "Certainly not, over there! Ofcourse" and smiles very oddly, and they have that smile in some scenes of the sequence Elephants Gossip.

However as Mr. Stork is off, and Dumbo is now born, some scenes of Dumbo are drawn very fine, and in this scene of the Giggly elephants holding onto Dumbo's ear and says "Oh these, aren't they funny (laughs)", and Mrs. Jumbo smacks her arm, and another strange drawing of Dumbo shows:

Dumbo's trunk in this picture seemed really odd, and yet Bill Tytla said that he had no expierence in drawing elephants, and seems to have struggled at it. Bill, (my thought), a failure at drawing those elephants, but he needs credit for actually trying, I mean he was a lot used to animating heavy characters like (Chernabourg in Night on Bald Mountain, Stromboli in Pinocchio), and Bill probably wasn't used to animating such cute characters, but it was worth a try for him!


Eric Noble said...

I love the Stork. He is funny and Sterling Holloway makes him so lovable, what with his soft, gentle voice. When Holloway would do that soft voice, he could lull you into a sense of security and fill you with a sense of warm fuzzyness. Just think when he voiced Winnie The Pooh.

Steven Hartley said...

Yep, its a very distinctive voice Sterling has, and his voice is such a delight to listen to. Why he did the narrations for Peter and the Wolf, and voiced the Chesire, Kaa the Snake and who couldn't forget Winnie the Pooh!