Friday, 18 June 2010

Blabs on Dumbo (III)

Hi all, I'm free and I can post again.

As I came home today (from boarding school), I noticed that Hans Perk was posting the Melody Time draft, and I don't think I will be blabbing on about Melody, since I know very little about it, and I won't be talking about it, but what I will be continuing with my blabs on Dumbo.

As I've been talking about the animator's casting in my posts, and I'll be posting some sequences in the film, today I'll talk about the first two sequences in the draft:

Sequence 01.0 - Stork Sequence

The sequence is credited to Sam Armstrong (director), Lloyd Richardson (asst. director) and an uncredited Bob Cormack (layout artist), and as I looked at the draft the first time, I was full of joy because I've been asking over and over for the draft, and as it was posted, I was suprised to see so many unexpected things, I wasn't expecting Bob Cormack to show up and I wasn't expecting so many uncredited effect animators: Jack Gayek, George Rowley, Miles Pike, etc.

Ofcourse the draft starts with Scene 15 (probably something before), and with some thunder and rain by Josh Meador, Jack Gayek and Miles Pike (hailstones), and they did a good job, and I've noticed that a lot of effect animators who worked on Bambi also worked on Dumbo. I think the three effect animators (Meador, Gayek, Pike) do the rains well, and then Scene 18 shows up with a 64 feet scene with Cy Young animating the stork and Karl Van Leuven (probably storks at back or moonlight), and as I've said in the comments, Cy Young did the most marvellous work, and I really need much more information about him, anyone who knows more about Young? like a picture? Feel free to contact me!

As Cy Young animates the bundles and parachutes floating to the circus quarters, and Harvey Toombs does the animals and babies who animates them wonderfully, and Ed Aardal does the hippoes in water. George Rowley or Dan MacManus either did the shadows of the animals or the bundles falling. So at the last sequence, Bill Tytla communicates Mrs. Jumbo wonderfully (If she's Mrs. Jumbo, then in this story, where's Mr. Jumbo?), so Bill animates Mrs. Jumbo all worried and then Bill Shull animates the final scene of Mrs.J disappointed, what brilliant feelings towards, and the storks are just WOW!! They look really beautiful and realistic!! These underrated animators (Cy Young, Jack Gayek, Miles Pike, Bill Shull) really have been overlooked and need much recognition!

Sequence 03.0 - Casey Loading

This is one of my favourite sequences in the film, even though its short! I like this sequence because I've always liked the character, Casey Junior, and I've always thought who animated Casey, because whoever did animate Casey was a genius!! I really wished I could have animated Casey because I love the song, the staging, the animation, and the sound effects. Of course Sam Armstrong directed this sequence and must have directed the Casey sequences and Dick Kelsey doing the layouts!!

As Hans Perk said, a lot of the animators are in this sequence are in the Pinocchio draft: James Escalante, Don Tobin, Paul Kossoff, John McManus, Cornett Wood and John Reed, Howard Swift, Hugh Fraser, Don Patterson and Frank Grundeen. The only animators in this sequence not in the Pino draft are Claude Smith who animates the animals and Ed Fourcher who does small scenes of an elephant pushing a cage and bumps into another cart!
Claude Smith does the animals all loaded and checked, and there are a number of scenes credited to "C. SMITH", and I thought that Claude animated the animals rather strange, its just the way they smile that seems pretty cheesy!!

However onto the Casey shots, the Casey animators in this sequence are Don Patterson, Don Tobin, John Reed and Paul Kossoff, who did my favourite animation in the film, and as John V. said in the comments, Don Patterson animates Casey like a character, and I can tell that Patterson actually does animate Casey like a character, and Don Tobin, John Reed and Paul Kossoff animate Casey like a normal train engine! I notice that in the Casey scenes are some multilple shots: Scene 1, Scene 14 and Scene 19, and at Scene 14. (Take a look at it on YouTube to watch film), that when Casey is going through a hill, the hill is drawn rather strange and weird, with telephone poles and it just looks nothing much of a hill, I can't tell what it is!

Anyway, I'll leave it here, more to come tomorrow!

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Eric Noble said...

The Casey Junior scene is a load of fun. I love Don Patterson's animation of the train, and Ward Kimball made a beautiful design for Casey. Not to mention how fun and enjoyable the song is. It makes you wish that the circus would come to town.