Sunday, 13 June 2010

Blabs on Dumbo (II)

Hey all,

It's that time of week again, when I'm not going to be posting until Friday, and this will be a short post with no pictures today, and I'm going to be talking about how much the animator's contributed to the film, Dumbo. Dumbo (as we know) is currently in the works of the mosaics by Mayerson on Animation, and that the draft had been posted recently, and also the fact is that Michael Barrier was talking about the books and the crows in postings not long ago.

However, what's interesting is that the Animation Directors in the film (Tytla, Moore, Kimball, Lounsbery, Babbitt, Woolie) have been credited for a lot of scenes, and in the film, only 18 other animators are credited, and they don't seem to have animated a lot in this film (I counted the number of animated scenes in the draft, excluding deleted scenes):

The Animation Directors:

  • Vladmir Tytla – 92 scenes
  • Fred Moore – 34 scenes
  • Ward Kimball – 68 scenes
  • John Lounsbery – 33 scenes
  • Art Babbitt – 21 scenes (ONLY CREDITED IN DRAFT)
  • Woolie Reitherman – 38 scenes
and the Animators:
  • Hugh Fraser – 28 scenes
  • Harvey Toombs – 12 scenes
  • Milt Neil – 17 scenes
  • Hicks Lokey – 8 scenes
  • Howard Swift – 17 scenes
  • Don Towsley – 24 scenes
  • Les Clark – 19 scenes
  • Claude Smith – 17 scenes
  • Berny Wolf – 7 scenes
  • Jack Campbell – 8 scenes
  • Walt Kelly – 22 scenes
  • Don Patterson – 6 scenes
  • Cy Young – 5 scenes
  • Ray Patterson – 17 scenes
  • Grant Simmons – 19 scenes
  • Josh Meador – 6 scenes
  • Bill Shull – 25 scenes
  • Art Palmer – 8 scenes
This makes a big difference to the animators and the animation directors. It seems that the Animation supervisors animated a lot more scenes than the 'animators', and the Supervisors did the film's key and important scenes, and Don Towsley animates Dumbo's most famous scene of him flying the first time, and an uncredited Frank Grundeen animates Dumbo flying in the circus!

It's interesting that animators like Jack Campbell, Don Patterson and Berny Wolf animated so little in the film, less than 10 scenes, and since that the draft has so many scenes missing in the film, maybe they animated the scenes that weren't animated. Since most of the Pink Elephants section is missing, and Hicks Lokey and Howard Swift are the only two animators credited for animating the Pink Elephants, (John Lounsbery does a scene of Dumbo looking at Pink Elephants marching at him). So since a portion of the sequence is missing, and Howard Swift is already mentioned of animating the Ringmaster, maybe Hicks Lokey did the rest of the animation, or a bit more of the animation!


Eric Noble said...

Very interesting dynamics. It seems most of the animation seems to have been done by the best "caricaturists" of the studio, Tytla and Kimball. That seems how Walt casted "Dumbo" and "Bambi". The more caricatured-style animators worked on Dumbo, while the "illustrators" worked on Bambi. I think there was a memo at the studio about that. I believe it's mentioned in Michael Barrier's book "Hollywood Cartoons".

Steven Hartley said...

Yeah it seems that Bill Tytla and Ward Kimball did the most animation - Bill Tytla doing most of the elephants animation earlier and in the middle of the film while Ward Kimball's animation appears much later!! Kimball even animated some Dumbo and Timothy scenes!!